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IAFQ subgroups include specific country groups that provide a culture enriched environment for the benefit of children and their families.  Each group offers families contact with each other in the form of get togethers and events on a regular basis that are uniquely specific to that country‚Äôs culture.

These groups offer adoptive families, no matter where in the process you may be, support, friendship and assistance in maintaining culture links in a relaxed environment for the whole family.

The country groups are specifically based in Brisbane.  If you live outside of Brisbane please see our regional / area group page for a contact in your area.

The Qld Department of Child Safety maintains information about adoption from the following countries. These links will take you to informaton pages on their web site...

 China  Fiji  Lithuania  South Korea  Thailand
 Colombia  Hong Kong  Mexico  Sri Lanka  
 Ethiopia  India  Philippines  Taiwan